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ADULT CAMP - MAY 14, 2022





On May14 we had our long running and acclaimed Adult Fly Fishing Camp at the Environmental Building at Frances Slocum State Park.

We ran it in conjunction with the Pa Fish and Boat Commission and Allan Schreffler, who has become a great friend of the Chapter.

Allan supplied the location, rods, handouts and samples.  We supplied additional instructors and food and drink.


It was a 4 hour class and we went through what all the numbers mean in our sport, (5wt, size 16 hook, 6x leader), the basics of fly fishing, taught knot tying  and fly casting.

We received great reviews and it would appear we added a group of people who will love our sport, and understand the need for conservation of the environment we love.

In addition to Allan who did almost all of the classroom instruction; Chris Shaw, Woody Haydt, Tony Zarola and Scott Brady, helped with classroom instruction and the one

on one instruction needed in knot tying and fly casting.

We had 22 future fly fishers of which 5 were women, 4 were older teenagers and the rest were a sprinkling of ages most importantly, young.


It was actually nice to hear the enthusiasm these students had for our sport.  It was also surprising how well they tied knots and the fly casting on the lawn was like watching a well oiled machine.

I explained that Trout Unlimited was not a fishing club but a conservation organization.  That Trout were really only the canary in the coal mine and when they can’t survive neither will we.  

That we are the stewards of this earth.  With this group, the future of our sport will be in good hands.    


Just a note for the rest of us. I did tell them about the activities we have, the group trips, Bugs N Brews, Fishing camps, and that our members would welcome people who want to learn more about our sport.

One of the best ways to learn is to ask questions.  Indeed, during the class they asked a lot of questions and I hope that when you are approached you take these new people under your wing.


Scott Brady, President of the Stanley Cooper Sr Chapter of Trout Unlimited



We are only a few days away from your Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Introduction to Fly Fishing program and we are looking forward to meeting everyone.   This program is in partnership with the Stanley Cooper Sr. Chapter of Trout Unlimited and they will be providing instructors to help during the program and lunch for all the participants.  Please arrive between 9:45 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. this Saturday, May 14 to complete registration and get settled for the program.  We will be starting promptly at 10:00 a.m. at the Frances Slocum State Park Environmental Education Center. 


Here is a link to Google Maps for directions:  Google Maps - Frances Slocum State Park Environmental Education Center


Please let me know if you have any questions or can no longer attend.




·   Outdoor Shoes/Old Sneakers

·   Sun Glasses

·   Hat

·   Extra Layer of Clothes

·   Rain gear

·   Pen and Paper for Notes

·   Instruction

·   Fishing equipment (rod, reel, line, leader, tippet, flies)

·   Fishing license waiver for duration of the training (10 a.m. – 2 p.m.)

·   A FREE Copy of The Student’s Manual of Fly Fishing and other Handouts

·   Lunch (Wraps, Snacks, and Drinks) – Provided by Stanley Cooper Sr. Chapter of Trout Unlimited


Thank you and see you on Saturday!


Allan Schreffler | Northeast Region Education Specialist

PA Fish and Boat Commission | Bureau of Outreach, Education and Marketing

5566 Main Road | Sweet Valley PA 18656

Email: |Phone: 570.477.2206 | Fax:  570.477.2621




You’re registering for:

Introduction to Fly Fishing


 Registration Open 4 of 25 seats remaining

Register Now


Meeting on:



Saturday, May 14, 2022

10:00am - 2:00pm

Located at:

Frances Slocum State Park565 Mount Olivet Road
Wyoming, PA 18644
Get directions


Fly fishing can be a fun way to fish for the first time or it can present a new experience for seasoned anglers. Anyone, ages 12 years and older with an interest in learning the basics of fly fishing equipment, knot tying, casting techniques and on the water skills is welcome. It is the perfect opportunity to learn fly fishing basics and meet other fly anglers. All equipment is provided. Those under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

NOTE: the fishing license requirement is waived during the program for participants age 16 and older.


About the Event

This program is being provided in partnership with the Stanley Cooper Sr. Chapter of Trout Unlimited.


Cancellation Policies

You must cancel your registration before Friday, May 13, 2022, at 10:00am CDT.

Organized by:

Allan Schreffler
Work Phone: (570) 477-2206


As you can see from the previous notes here on FACEBOOK OR THE SCTU WEBSITE. 
We, Stan Cooper TU, are sponsoring an adult fly fishing camp this weekend in conjunction with the Pa Fish Commission.
We have a large number of students who want to learn how to fly fish and we need additional instructors. The Fish Commission handles the early lectures on Bugs and fishing techniques.
We need you for the 2nd half of the class on Knot tying and Fly Casting. You don’t need to be an expert on either. The Camp starts at 10 am at the community Building at Francis Slocum State Park and we’ll wrap up at 2pm. Most of the students will have no idea what they are doing so you will be the expert.
It is a nice day and it’s an even better way to give back to the sport we all love,  Remember a sport without friends is a sport in trouble.
Contact me on my cell at 570-479-6016 or by email at
Law Offices of J. Scott Brady
61 North Washington Street
Wilkes Barre , PA 18701
ph. (570)606-6100
fax (570)606-6106