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At home in the beautiful rolling valley of Northeastern, Pennsylvania, the Stanley Cooper Sr. Chapter encompasses the Greater Wilkes-Barre Area. Drawing in more than 200 members, the chapter meets at VFW Anthracite Post 283, 757 Wyoming Ave. in Kingston at 7:30pm the second Tuesday of the month September through May; no meetings are scheduled during June, July or August.

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The New Jersey Supreme Court on June 29, 2021, ruled in favor of the pipeline in its dispute with the state of NJ.

NJ had attempted to block the pipeline saying it owned some of the land and/or agriculture conservation easements on properties and they couldn't be condemned to build the pipeline. 

That argument makes sense in that the ability to condemn is one of doing what is right for the common good, which is what the state does.  The ability to condemn is a state authorized function. NJ would effectively be condemning It’s own land, which it didn’t want to sell.  They could have chosen to sell the land.

In PennEast Pipeline Co. v. New Jersey, the Supreme Court Justices held 5-4 that a certificate of public convenience and necessity issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission pursuant to Section 717f(h) of the Natural Gas Act authorizes a private company to condemn all necessary rights-of-way, whether owned by private parties or states.

Here what the Supreme Court of NJ said was that since the Federal Government can overrule any state action, That a finding of a Federal Commission can outweigh the findings and desires of a state.  Notice that this was a 5-4 decision and it should/could end up at the US Supreme Court. With State’s rights considered sacrosanct by Republicans, when it reaches the US Supreme Court, I would expect a close decision but wouldn’t be surprised if there is a reversal.

Opinion is at:

Law Offices of J. Scott Brady

61 North Washington Street

Wilkes Barre, PA 18701

  1. (570)606-6100

fax  (570)606-6106


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June Meeting of the Stanley /Cooper Sr Chapter of Trout Unlimited 

June 8, 2021  7:30 PM   by Zoom


 Updates on SCTU Chapter business


In the early days of the Pandemic, where does the chapter go from here on what we hope are the beginning of the Post Pandemic Days?


Followed by a talk and presentation by Dr Joe Simons



The making of Wild Trout Man: tips, techniques and gear for fly fishing and filming Wild Trout


In the early days of the Pandemic Dr Joe Simons had his work schedule ripped apart and he used that free time to follow his passion

of chasing Wild Trout.  Dr Joe was always willing to tell you about his trips and many of the destinations were places I only saw on a map.

This is a rare chance to listen to someone who loves wild trout.